About Us

MyGrowthZone is a digital learning company that focuses on people development. Our offerings are designed to give people the tools and techniques to help with career development at all stages, personal relationships and individual internal growth.

Our strength lies in analyzing factors that make people successful at whatever they do and converting them into easily accessible tools for students, couples, professionals, individuals from all walks of life.

We have also understood how limiting factors restrict human potential. We have created ways to overcome them using a mix of tools and techniques like Neuro Linguistic Programming, mBraining, Psychometrics, Psychology and Spirituality to overcome them

Our strong corporate connect ensures that our content is relevant and updated to current and future needs at all times.

Our Team

Our team comprises experts in NLP, mBraining, Psychometric Testing, Design Thinking Industrial Psychology, Marketing, Advertising, Sales, Film Making, Yoga and fitness all united with one single purpose : To make a measurable difference to every life we touch


Phd in Human Resource

Ashwini Pangrikar is an expert in psychometric testing and has an experience of over a decade as assessor and trainer.

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“What I want, I get.” That’s Meera Natarajan for you. Mathematician, Academician, avid reader and a go getter.

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Master in Law and Master in Sociology

Rama is working on issues of human rights. She conducts trainings for people in the government, corporate, educational and development sector

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Founder Director of MyGrowthZone

He is a Robot Programmer turned facilitator and coach.In the last few years he has helped scores of people overcome their limitations.

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Our Mentors

MyGrowthZone has an excellent team of mentors who guide us through the nitty-gritty of managing the business.

Sudhakar Varanasi

Sudhakar Varanasi is our Chief Mentor, sounding board and our 24X7 helpline. He is an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur and IISc Bengaluru

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Kamlesh Pande

Kamlesh is an alumnus of IIT Bombay and He was Head of Technology Management with Mahindra & Mahindra Vice President (R&D and Innovation) with Thermax Ltd.

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