This section lets you grow new competencies that will help you build a rewarding career. The programs under this section will have two broad categories viz, Skill based and Personal Development based. The Skill based programs will bring to you the latest in technology, business practices and methodologies to help you stay in touch with the latest in industry. The Personal Development programs will enhance your personality, impart leadership and communication skills and help you build the right mindset and building a great career.

1. Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace:

Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace is a mandate that has to be followed by every organization. Every employer is responsible to create awareness about this law that is based on the principle of removing discrimination to bring gender equality. This online byte size training module is created to develop an understanding of rights and responsibilities in creating a safe and healthy working environment.

2.The Growth Squared Program:

Growth Squared program acts as a plug-in for your team to acquire workplace attitudes and beliefs that will improve the productivity. Repetition, one of the key ingredients of the program will help your team to tweak their behavior in-line with the organizational goals.

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